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A clean affair: In almost every industry brushes are used to clean. Whether it’s the removal of dirt, dust or material residue on surfaces, or degreasing or brushing out, zeintra has the brush that suits every application.


Our deburring brushes are used for deburring edges of drill holes, uneven surfaces and edges as well as for removing material residue on metal sheets, metal frames, plastic sheets, pipelines, etc. zeintra deburring brushes are most frequently used in the engineering and tool industry.


We have the ideal brushes to remove dirt, dust, rust, surface scale, abrasives and lacquer layers on surfaces, chassis, metal sheets oder metal parts. Grinding, descaling, stripping, skinning and decapsulating – everything can be done. Our brushes are most frequently used in the tool and metal processing industry.


zeintra brushes offer the full range when it comes to finishing surfaces: polishing, matting, roughening, structuring, satin finishing, grinding, deburring, rounding, coating and removing dirt. Our brushes are most frequently used in the construction industry and in the door and window manufacturing industry, for example to seal or close gaps and openings.


zeintra brushes also are a means of conveyance. They help convey vegetables, fruit, wood or metals gently and safely. They are used to convey, guide, sort, distribute, press and smoothen. They are most frequently used in agriculture, in the food and beverage industry and in the electronics industry.


Sealing is important and zeintra has the appropriate brushes. They are used to seal gaps, openings or machine parts, production lines, wind turbines, pedestrian subways and buildings of poor optical appearance.


zeintra offers suitable brushes to evenly apply grease, oil, pickle or powdered sugar. Our brushes support lubrication, moistening and pickling.



zeintra has suitable brushes for dissipating energy. Our brushes are able to neutralize energy in electronic devices. Furthermore, discharging energy in batteries is made possible by dissipating the electrostatic energy on paper. Our special brushes are most frequently used in the electrical and metal processing industry as well as in the paper and printing industry.


Various Applications

Brushes are allrounders. In addition to various conventional applications, zeintra brushes are also used to erect, decelerate, mix, package, label and store.