Lead Rake, Grill Cleaning Brushes & ShoeCleaner

Leaf Rake
To rake leaves requires durability from both the person and the equipment. The equipment should be sturdy, resist humidity, have a life-span of several years and facilitate the task. zeintra’s leaf rakes combine all of these qualities.

Grill Cleaning Brushes
zeintra’s versatility also shows at the grill. We not only offer «the Grill Brush» to clean the cooking grid but our product range also consists of special brushes for grill plates, barbecue brushes and even a barbecue tong.

Dirty shoes? No reason to bend down or take off your shoes. With our ShoeCleaner dirt can easily be wiped off, be it on construction sites, farms, campsites or in restaurants, hotels, private homes or apartments.

Brush mat
So that the dirt stays outside. Come in, but please without dirt on the shoe-soles: The zeintra brush mat makes it possible.