Intelligent. Functional. Individual.

Zeintra produces functional brushes with intelligent bristles. These can be found in the aerospace industry as well as in brain research. Zeintra brushes have become an integral part of many processes in a wide variety of industries. Polishing, deburring, stripping, sealing, transporting, collecting, cleaning, pressing, deflecting, diverting, separating, sorting, applying. This is what zeintra brushes can do. They are as individual as your company. And that’s why we are the best contact point for you and your requirements. This is how your individual brush is created:

First contact

Can’t find a brush that exactly meets your requirements? We will be glad to help you! Ask our specialists. If, despite the enormous variety of our product range, we cannot find a suitable brush for your needs, we will be happy to develop an individual solution for you. This is completely independent of the quantity.

Recognizing the challenge

Our experience shows that with the right brush we can simplify, speed up or improve processes. In conversation, we will learn more about your product and the challenges in your process

Develop Solution

If the requirements are clear, our team does everything in its power to develop target-oriented solutions. Gathering ideas, breaking new ground – daring something and thus gaining time or quality – that is our strength and joy.

Producing a prototype

Our in-house production makes it possible for us to implement and further develop ideas quickly. We create a prototype of your individual brush.

Individual brush

zeintra can produce your brush in series or as a custom-made product. We look forward to your success!