zeintra brushes are used in various industries. Which processes have changed, how performance improvements can be seen and why customers in different companies rely on zeintra brushes. You can find out here.

Steel industry

The metal processing and tool industry count on zeintra brushes for deburring edges of metal cases and frames, sealing equipment thus reducing noise, oiling engine components, supporting and protecting metal components and many more applications in metal processing and metal construction.

Leisure and sports industry

TOKO has been producing wax for decades that makes skis and boards faster for beginners and professionals. There is a whole science behind the question of which wax is suitable for which conditions and how it is applied. When used correctly, skis and boards with TOKO wax glide more easily.


Examples of successful applications in engineering are finishing of surfaces of machine components in aviation, aerospace or navy, deburring of edges of machines or sealing of openings in machinery to prevent dust from entering.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Examples of brush applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry are directing and guiding pills, inserting pills in drums, labelling medicine bottles and many more.

Watch industry

Precision is a top priority in the watch industry. It’s not by chance that zeintra brushes are used for surface treatment and cleaning.

Food industry

Examples of applications in the food and beverage industry include peeling vegetables, labelling cans and bottles, folding wrappers around sweets, powdering biscuits, cleaning of ovens, baking trays and conveyor belts, sorting fruit, processing grain or producing cheese. If you want to simplify your working processes, please contact our sales team.

Plastics Industry

zeintra brushes are also used in plastics processing, directing and guiding plastic components, deburring of edges of plastic products after molding or cutting, roughing of surfaces for preparing the priming coat and cleaning of molds.

Construction industry

The construction industry counts on zeintra brushes. Examples of applications are cleaning of forms, paling-boards or pressing boards, sealing gaps and openings for aesthetic reasons, avoiding draft, climate control, cleaning of conveyor belts in gravel plants and many more.

Packaging industry

Examples of versatile applications in the paper and printing industry include cleaning of offset printing foils and plates, directing or guiding paper preventing creases, discharging static from paper and many more.

Medical industry

The medical industry places high demands on materials and brushes. Examples of applications include cleaning of hospitals to ensure high standards of hygiene, keeping surgical instruments sterile and avoiding damage to them. zeintra has the solutions for the medical sector: tailor-made interior brushes with or without fan and instrument cleaning brushes.

Further industries

Use und applications of brushes are almost unlimited. In addition to the industries we have separately described, the following sectors also use industrial brushes:

Textile Industry
Automobile Industry, Vehicle Construction
Tobacco Industry
Glass Industry
Aviation and Aerospace Industry
Heating – Ventilation / Boiler Construction
Governmental Facilities
Defence Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Transport Industry
Electrical Industry
Agriculture and Forestry