When solution-oriented people meet

Why a zeintra brush belongs to the fire ring

"Max Zeintl from zeintra AG has understood what our product needs. His solution: a steel brush that convinces all around. We are very satisfied with the cooperation," says Andreas Reichlin, inventor of the fire ring.

Like a beautiful painting, Immensee lies before me. The village nestles into the landscape. It stands on a gravel field directly in front of Lake Zug: The grill innovation by Andreas Reichlin, a trained sculptor who worked on the fire ring for over four years.

Having grown up as one of three sons of an entrepreneurial family, Andreas Reichlin learned at an early age to work in a solution-oriented manner. “My father often presented us children with a challenge and wanted to hear a solution from us two days later. We all learned that a product should not only be beautiful, but also practical and easy to operate.”

Encourage and challenge

Andreas Reichlin focuses on the region. He produces his fire ring in Küssnacht am Rigi and packages it in a wooden frame, which is manufactured by the BSZ Foundation Schwyz for people with disabilities. He has the beautiful recipe books “Feuer” and “Ring” printed in his home town. “Sustainability and the protection of nature are big issues for me,” he explains. That’s why he also looked for accessories that would meet the same requirements. To clean the fire ring, the customer needs a spatula and a brush. Nothing more.

The zeintra brush. Genuine added value for customers.

The zeintra brush as a fire ring accessory simply has to be “verhebä”, says Andreas Reichlin. It is supposed to be a tool that quickly gets the grill master to his or her destination. The fire ring brush is as unique as the fire ring. The long stick is pierced on the side of the brush. No screw is visible. A beautiful product, reduced to the essentials, that stands up to the demands.

Ash as a cleaning agent

After a barbecue the fire ring must be cleaned. Ash and dirt have settled on the edge. With the spatula the coarsest incrustations are removed. Then the zeintra brush is used. It scrubs the ring clean. Because the fire ring is nourished with oil, the brush also becomes oily. But that doesn’t matter at all. Once the ash in the ring has cooled down, the brush can simply be cleaned in it. “People used to brush their teeth with potash,” laughs Andreas Reichlin. Potash binds the oil in the brush and can be washed off with water. The zeintra brush: A great addition to the fire ring.

Greatest praise

“The greatest praise is given when the customer is satisfied,” Reichlin is convinced. A good product is good, stays good.