Two hundred times finer than " exact to the hair"

Deburring. Round. Polishing with Zeintra brushes inside.

Gerber Maschinenbau Schweiz builds machines for companies all over the world. In close cooperation with Zeintra, the successful company places itself at the forefront.

Gerber Maschinenbau in Lyss is counting in “Mü”. That means 200 times finer than a hair! Gerber Maschinenbau has been supplying machines for the production of high-precision parts for decades. Be it for the automotive industry, medical technology, the tool or raw material industry. An address for everyone who has to deburr, polish or round objects of any size, shape or type. Gerber Maschinenbau has made a name for itself worldwide. Brushes are an elementary component of these machines. The company has been working closely with Zeintra AG for decades.

Strong in a niche thanks to high precision

Gerber Maschinenbau is a typical Swiss company. It has been established for over 60 years in the field of “deburring, polishing and rounding”. Gerber Maschinenbau delivers approximately one machine per week to customers all over the world. With these machines millions and millions of parts made of metal, steel, ceramics or glass are produced every day. “Many of the applications are easily individual and therefore our customers also need individually built and programmed machines. We are strong in this and can distinguish ourselves from the big players,” explains Marco Schori, Managing Director of Gerber Maschinenbau AG. The innovative company also supplies stamps with which money is minted. The USA, Canada, Mexico or Shanghai – all these countries produce their money with Gerber machines that shape precise surfaces of all kinds with Zeintra brushes.

Continuing to lead the way

Gerber Maschinenbau AG and Zeintra AG are two innovative companies working together to drive each other to top performance. “Our cooperation is a long-standing, proven and robust one. This cooperation must develop because the requirements are increasing. We look back on a beautiful, successful past. And we have a beautiful, even more successful future ahead of us. But efforts are needed from both sides to make this possible,” says Marc Schori.

Gerber Maschinenbau continues to focus on its core business: the manufacture of machines in high product quality – and this in cooperation with other Swiss companies that pursue the same goal. Pure Swissness.